What items do you need to start your new tank?
Aquarium - Select the appropriate size for the location in your home and the type of fish you plan to keep. Stock sizes start at 2.5 gallons and range up to 300 gallons! 

Stand - We suggest always keeping your new aquarium on a manufacture stand. This ensures proper support and with a new aquarium offers a warrantee on the aquarium.

Filter - Don’t underestimate the size of filter you need. Make sure you select the right type of filter for your aquarium as well as the right size. 

Heater - Keep your water at a consistent temperate by using the correct size heater for the aquarium. Generally 3-5 watts per gallon. 

Thermometer - A digital thermometer will give you the most accurate temperate, but a stick on or floating thermometer will get the job done. 

Lighting - Is your lighting for aesthetics or function? Not all lights are created equal, if you have live plants make sure you have the lighting to support them.

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2237 Roosevelt Road Saint Cloud MN 56301. 320-774-3530. Open Monday - Saturday 11AM-7:30PM & Sunday Noon-5PM

 Beyond fish we have the aquariums and supplies. You'll find unique imported art from around the world. Also a selection of reptiles and supplies. 

Saint cloud's aquarium store

Aquariums and supplies:

We stock everyday tanks of all sizes up to 125 gallons. We can special order in aquariums from www.marineland.com. Please inquire on pricing. Tanks available 2.5 gallons to 300 gallons. 

Everything you need to keep your fish alive and swimming is here! From food to cartridges and salt to protein skimmers. 

Freshwater Fish:

Any day of the week you can expect to find a wide variety of freshwater fish. We have the basics from guppies, goldfish and tetras AND the oddities axolotls, bichers, freshwater eels, and the pleco variety. You can also find tanks full of live plants, and fun freshwater inverts. 

We offer healthy livestock and want to help you succeed in keeping your aquarium. Art Fish & Soul works with multiple wholesalers from around the country to help find the best selection of fish.

Saltwater Fish:

Lions and triggers and butterflies oh my! 

Visiting an aquarium store is like a tour around the world. There is something always exciting to see! Our stock assortment changes daily with deliveries coming in and things being sold. 

Fish - Angels, butterflies, clowns, damsels…. and the list goes on. If you don’t see it in the store let us know and we will add it on the next order! 

In addition to the fish we also have an assortment of corals, interesting invertebrates, live rock and saltwater supplies. Not to mention great pricing on our Instant Ocean and Reef Crystals Salt.